“Tale as old as Time”

When Disney started their remake crusade of classic films I was fairly certain to see “Beauty and the Beast” in my local theater in the near future. They did not disappoint with that assumption, however did the film match up to the animated classic?

There was no doubt that the casting choice of Emma Watson would spark interest in most, she is a wonderfully talented actress with a great resemblance of classic Disney character Belle. I would be remiss however, if I didn’t make the critique of the singing in this film. The fact that they had to auto tune Emma Watson’s voice to live up to the classic tunes was not a good start.

The songs overall do not match the magic and character we saw in the original, with poor CGI that made the beast look dull and unrealistic, adding to what I thought was poor voice acting by Dan Stevens. To the overall sets that couldn’t quite match the charm it was trying to deliver. “Beauty and the Beast” is a film that just couldn’t live up to the classic original. Seems best that Disney stick to the animated versions…


or not…

I’m giving “Beauty and the Beast” a 5/10, mediocre at best.


Was hoping for more than just a cute face…

Boss Baby was a film that had a lot of potential. I mean that voice cast is rock solid, from Alec Baldwin to Steve Buscemi with Jimmy Kimmel, and Lisa Kudrow. This was set up for good laughs and heartfelt movie moments.

Here’s what I really got, a tired out plot with cheap pop culture references and very few laughs. I don’t want to rip this movie to shreds right off the bat because even though the overall feature lacked substance it had a few bright spots. I thought the sibling relationship with the Baby and his older brother Tim was quite enjoyable. Adding in a few good moments complimented with amazing animation.

Seriously, the animation in the movie is fantastic, its hard to criticize this film so much overall when it genuinely looks like a fun cartoon. However, it seems the appeal of the movies cute protagonist and cheap plot points wear off rather quickly and the only thing holding it up is a weak story with very little going on of real value.

Boss Baby wont be a classic comedy tale to look back on with fond memories with your children. However, its animation and detailed art is one to be praised.  6/10 Ok, but wont leave a lasting impression.


A true story and one done well

In “The Zookeeper’s Wife”, the film based on the book with the same name, we see the true story of polish zookeepers keeping 300 jews safe during the reign of the tyrannical Nazi regime.

I had to take some time afterword to really soak in the film and appreciate the way the story was told. Although movies about the holocaust for the most part are important and powerful films, they have grown tiresome as a genre and really need to capture ones attention to truly be considered great. Is this film great? Well, not really.

It is a very good film with great acting all around with powerful scenes that don’t just rely on the emotions that linger from one of the most awful times in human history. This film holds its own emotional weight in truly nightmarish scenes that highlight the tragedy of human nature within the realm of the holocaust.

Fair warning that with most movies around this subject that you prepare yourself emotionally to scenes that will likely upset you, and that is aside from what you even come to expect from a movie about the holocaust. This film did a good job centering in on the characters and developing them in a great way.

“The Zookeeper’s Wife” from my perspective, was not necessarily a great film that stands out. However it does a good job in telling the story of the true events that followed as such, which is the entire point of its existence. For that I would give it a 7.5/10, something that may become even more impactful if I watch it again, which I believe it has earned.


“Go Go Powe… Nah I just can’t get into it…”

It looked cool… I won’t say that this was a “bad” film. It was a film that looked good, had a decent sense of humor but wasn’t able to recapture my youthful love of “The Power Rangers”. Maybe its just me, but I really could not get into this film.

I will start with the pros. The action was pretty cool, with awesome effects that didn’t rely on too much CGI and fighting scenes that captured my attention but overall the film wasn’t able to keep it. The humor was also a nice change of pace, it was able to give me a few pretty good chuckles. And seeing this after “Boss Baby” I can honestly say it had better comedic timing… Sorry Alec Baldwin.

However, with its pros I have to give my critiques. I thought overall it was a flawed movie with many plot holes that I just could not turn my brain off and ignore. I wont spoil anything but I just have a overall problem with movies that throw characters into these situations and say “you are these guys now” with no real purpose. I also have to criticize this movies failed attempts at being “edgy” and “topical”. There was really no need to add in some situations into an already overloaded film. Such as the sexting scene…

Overall if you like the Power Rangers you will think this movie was good to maybe even great. If you are trying to get back into what you used to like as a kid, you may find it to be lacking more depth in its story, but still find the action fun and enjoyable. I am giving the new Power Rangers film a 7/10, it was a decent film but one I just couldn’t connect with.


Get Out? But I wanna stay!

Seriously I didn’t want this movie to end. I  guess the best way to start this review is give my over exaggerated first impressions of when the trailers first dropped for this film. “What the hell is going on?” “Jordan Peele?! as in Key and Peele?!” “Is this a horror film or a comedy?”. Any preconceived notions you have of this film, it is best to clear them and just go see it. The rest of this review is not really needed but alas lets dive into it.

“Get Out” is a genially creepy and funny film from the great mind of Jordan Peele, yes from “Key and Peele”.


In this film we see our main character Chris, going to meet his girlfriends parents. Craziness ensues and the result is great storytelling with pockets of amazing comedy. Jordan Peele does a great job showcasing race in this film without being too in your face. It is done in such a smart and well thought out way, that leaves the viewer satisfied and more informed on certain race issues. Not saying this film will make you an expert, but it will make you more aware.

I remember going into this film last week and throughout being really impressed on how well Jordan Peele intertwined horror and comedy. The only critique I have is the overuse of “jump scares” but aside that, I really thought it was a creepy film. You also had the “break” from the horror with a small little cameo Easter egg from Keegan-Michael Key which I challenge you to find.

I don’t want to spoil too much, this is a film that needs to be seen and soaked in. I am giving “Get Out” a 9/10, truly amazing and one to be admired.